Wills are a very important component of an overall financial plan.  If you have a mortgage, that means you own real estate.  If you should pass or if there is an accident where you need someone to take care of your affairs while you couldn't, who would that person be?  Where would they go to help you?  Do they know what to do?  This is the purpose of a will and estate planning. 

March is a great month for getting your will done if you haven't done so already. Check out http://getyourshittogether.org/ for more information about wills and estate planning. Make sure and check out my home page: http://www.jeffmcginnis.wvmbbellevue.com/. Hang out at my blog http://jeffmcginnisblog.wvmbbellevue.com/. Of course I'm on the Facebook as well: https://www.facebook.com/mcginnismortgage